Compuprint SP40 plus our most innovative
product on the market yet.

It is designed to provide print speed, versatility and advanced solutions for banking, nancial services, postal and public administration sectors. By assuring process ef ciency and offering a competitive low cost of ownership SP40 plus is the ideal choice for delivering high productivity, durability, simplicity and exibility.

Compuprint SP40 plus handles a wide type of formats and thicknesses: single sheet up to A4 size, cheques, vouchers, multi-copy forms, passbooks, ID cards, tickets. SP40 plus superior document handling (auto alignment
and AGA) ensures that documents inserted with variable thickness (up to 2,7mm) at different angles in any position,
will be printed quickly and ef ciently.

The SP40 plus offers the lowest cost of ownership for the users. The ribbon life is more than 10 million characters which means long printing time, and the long life print head of more than 400 million characters (equivalent to more 1
Billion strokes/wire) assures high MTBF reducing number and time of technical interventions.


Valued Features
• Reliable, fast and powerful
• Compact and elegant design
• Secure document handling and fast transaction time
• User friendly machine interface with LCD
• Ribbon life >10MChrs and Print Head life more than 400MChrs (> 1 Billion strokes)
• 1 original + 6 copies
• Fully compatible with today’s nancial applications
• Ready to support new applications (scanning and MICR/MSR reading)
• Wide connectivity including LAN, USB Hub and USB Host for external devices
• Easy to con gure by con guration sheet or remote management
• Special version with rear tractor The Advantages of Technology

Compuprint SP40 plus isa flexible platform, the base model can be configured to satisfy different applications. A model with dual side scanner (600 dpi resolution at 24 bit colour) to scan up to A4 size documents or with the MICRMSRW device can handle R/W of magnetic stripes on passbooks and recognize the MICR code CMC7 and E13B oncheques, till the multifunction version that includes them all-in-one. A model with rear tractor is also available to manage fanfold paper.

Easy Integration and Use
Compuprint SP40 plus has a simple and friendly interface with LCD display that simpli es user operations. It ts into your existing IT environment thanks to standard and nancial emulations. SP40 plus standard interfaces are Parallel, Serial and USB 2.0 (Full Speed). Available optional interfaces are: LAN, additional Serial, additional USB, up to 3 USB 2.0 Hub ports, USB Host, for easy connection with other devices. SP40 plus innovative mechanical design makes it easy for the user to access the paper path to clear documents or clean internal devices.


Compuprint is totally aware of the responsibility to our environment and has addressed three important environmental issues: “the reduction of power consumption,” “conformity with regulations to control chemical substances” and “resource conservation (reduction in size and weight)”. SP40 plus contributes to the reduction of environmental impact by
offering environmentally conscious bene ts like the lowest power consumption available (<3W), standard over 10 million character ribbon, more than 400 million characters long life print head and recyclable materials.


Printing Technology Impact Dot Matrix 24 pin

Print Speed (@ 10 cpi) 580 cps (VHSD), 520 cps (HSD), 400 cps (Draft), 200 cps (NLQ), 133 cps (LQ), BIM: 2400 dps

Line Lenght 94 columns @10 cpi, 112 columns @12 cpi, 141 columns @15 cpi

Horizontal Spacing 5, 6,7.5, 8.5, 10, 12,15, 16.6, 17.1, 20, 24 cpi and proportional

Paper Handling Single sheet, envelopes, label, fanfold (40 gr/m2 to 200 gr/m2 – 0,065 mm to 2,7 mm) Passbook (horizontal an vertical) Single sheet: width 65-244 mm, length 65-470 mm

Copies 1 original + 6 copies

Special Functions Automatic Gap Adjustment (AGA), Document Auto Alignment,  Bidirectional Logic Seeking Auto Border Recognition, Optical Mark Reading, Automatic Set-up

Display LCD display – 2 lines with 16 characters each

Graphic Resolution 60, 120, 180, 240, 360 horizontal – 72, 90, 180, 216, 360 vertical

Character Set 21 International Code Page, 28 International Character Set, Gost, Mazovia, Farsi

Barcodes UPC A/E, EAN 8/13, Code 11/39/93/128, ADD-ON 2/5, BCD, MSI, 2/5Interleaved, 2/5 Matrix, 2/5 Industrial, Postnet, Codabar

Resident Font Draft, Courier, Gothic (Sans Serif), Roman, Prestige, Presentor, Script, OCR-A/B, Boldface, Italic

Resident Emulations IBM Personal Printer 2390+, IBM Proprinter XL24-XL24AGM, Epson LQ2550/LQ1170/ESC/P
IBM 4722, Olivetti PR40plus/PR2/PR2845, IBM 9068, HPR 4915, UNISYS EFP Series

Interface Standard: Parallel, Serial RS-232 C, USB 2.0 Full Speed (Automatic Interface Switching)
Optional: 2nd Serial, 2nd USB device High Speed, Ethernet 10/100, up to 3 USB Hub ports,
USB Host (2.0 Full Speed OHCI)
Input buffer up to 128 Kbytes

Drivers Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32-64 bits), Windows 7 (32-64 bits)

Reliability MTBF > 10.000 hours – MTTR 16 minutes

Print Head 24 needles, life > 400 million characters (equivalent to > 1 Billion strokes/wire)

Consumables Black ribbon, life > 10 million characters

Noise Level < 54 dB (A)

Power Supply Universal 100-230 V, 60-50 Hz Power consumption: 45 W (ISO/IEC 10561 Letter pattern) – Sleep Mode < 3W– Off Mode 0W Energy Star compliant

Dimensions and weight 396 (W) x 200 (H) x 285 (D) mm – 8 Kg (9,2 Kg packed)

Optional Devices
Scanner Front/rear colour scanner, 16 million colours RGB, 256 grey levels, up to 600 dpi, Twain compatible, scan size from ID card to A4. Scanning speed (front/rear): up to15 inch/sec Mono, up to 7,5 inch/sec Colour

MSRW Magnetic strip read/write, 4 bit code – Reading speed 13 inch/sec Characters: ASCII 30-3F, Field dupl., DIN 32774,ANSI, IBM 3604, Burroughs

MICR MICR reader – Reading speed 27 inch/sec
CMC7 and E13B supported

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