Part number : 255049-103

Printronix cartridge ribbons provide clean and convenient handling for your printer consumables: no special training, reduce downtime and no messy hands. The cartridge ribbon is regularly flipped and rotated during operation utilizing both sides of the ribbon. The result is more uniform wear which provides consistent print quality and a substantial increase in ribbon life.

The P7000 cartridges use Printronix proprietary ink and fabric technology which delivers sharp dark printing while maximizing print engine life. A range of cartridge ribbon options offer customers the choice of matching their printing supplies to their volume of printing and their budget. STANDARD LIFE CARTRIDGE – These ribbons offer a low purchase price per cartridge plus the convenience
of ordering in smaller quantities for moderate use requirements. They are ideal for average use customers in banking, retail, logistics and other distributed printing environments. The standard life cartridge is rated for 17,000 pages.


EXTENDED LIFE CARTRIDGE – These ribbons are a workhorse solution for most high volume report and label printing applications. They offer the lowest total cost of printing and longest ribbon life for the highest productivity. The extended life cartridge is rated for 30,000 pages.

• Easy to load – clean hands consumable change
• Longer ribbon life – less time changing consumables
• More uniform print quality over the life of the ribbon
• Specialty pigments and dyes – consistent darker image, improved print engine reliability
• Integrated Print Management system automatically monitors and communicates ribbon life and provides the user with precise control over print quality, consumable costs and job planning


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